Unrefined Sugar

About Unrefined Sugar

There are some differences between unrefined sugar and refined sugar, but they both contain the same amount of calories, plus they are both sweet. Where you will find the differences in these two types of sugars are in the nutritional value and taste.

What you get with refined sugar is a product that has all of the nutrients and minerals removed from it. The process of refining sugar removes some of the most important properties of the cane, such as the iron, magnesium, calcium and potassium. The process of refining sugar also adds some substances that are not very good for you; these include chemicals such as sulfur dioxide, phosphoric acid, and formic acid.

With unrefined sugar you will get a different flavor, as well as a different color and texture. Unrefined sugar will have a golden color, and the texture will vary; it may be course or fine like powder. The flavor is more earthy and warm, with a slight nutty taste. It may also taste a little like molasses.

As for refined sugar, it has a crystal like consistency, and will be completely white. There is also very little flavor other than sweet. How the sugar dissolves in liquid is also different; unrefined sugar does not dissolve as good or as fast as refined sugar. This is why people tend to use refined sugar in many desert dishes and use the unrefined sugar as more of a garnishment to sprinkle over the top of a desert or other dish.

The shelf life of refined sugar is much longer than what it is for unrefined sugar. This is due to the fact that there are still many impurities, with the only way of removing the impurities is through refinement.

A lot of people believe that sugar has no nutritional value at all and this is true of refined sugar, but with unrefined sugar there are some health benefits due to the fact that there are some essential minerals and vitamins. In a teaspoon of unrefined sugar there is 11 calories and about four grams of carbohydrates, but there is no fat.

Unrefined sugar has been known to help prevent, as well as treat the symptoms of colds and flu. When sugar has not been processed, it can help ease congestion and sore throats. Some additional benefits include the prevention of some types of cancers such as prostate and breast cancer. This type of sugar is also known to help revitalize the body, especially after excessive exercise. Refined sugar has none of these health benefits and is actually very bad for your body. For this reason, if you are eating sugar, it is best that it be in its more natural form.

Unrefined sugar in the form of sugarcane is grown in warm climates such as Hawaii, Florida, Cuba, and several other tropical regions around the world. It is also grown in areas around the Mediterranean. While it is grown in some areas of the continental United States, this is only during the warm months; in tropical regions it can be grown all year long.

Although unrefined sugar does provide some health benefits, it is a food that should only be eaten in moderation. Even with this more natural type of sugar, if you eat too much, it can cause weight gain, as well as lead to Type II diabetes.