Sugar Allergy

Everything you need to know about a sugar allergy

Having a sugar allergy can make it pretty difficult to get by in the world because just about every type of food contains at least one type of sugar.  Most doctors refer to a sugar allergy as a sugar intolerance because the symptoms tend to be rather mild in most cases.  Some allergies to sugar are simply an intolerance to certain types of sugar, especially refined sugar.  Many people who suffer from a sugar allergy will find that if they completely cut out refined sugars from their diets, then they find relief from their allergy. 

One of the first symptoms of a sugar allergy is fatigue, although this symptom can also be a sign of countless other health problems.  However, one sure sign that you may have a sugar allergy is if you feel extremely tired after you consume sugar.  Normally, sugar gives you an energy rush before the sugar crash which comes later.  It shouldn’t make you tired right after you eat it.

Another symptom of a sugar allergy is restlessness.  This symptom is deceptive because often you may be diagnosed as being hyper from having too much sugar.  This can lead to a diagnosis of ADHD, or attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, especially in children.  It’s very important to determine if the actual problem is a sugar allergy instead of ADHD to prevent the unnecessary use of medications like Ritalin or other mood-changing drugs.
Sugar allergies can also cause a lack of concentration.  Those who suffer from an allergy to sugar may find it very difficult to think straight after they consume sugar.  This symptom may get worse as the amount of sugar consumed increases. 

Sugar allergies also cause a resistance to insulin.  This can also happen simply by consistently consuming too much sugar on a daily basis.  Insulin is the ingredient the body needs to process sugar.  Resistance to insulin is indicated by extreme weight loss or diabetes. 

Another symptom of a sugar allergy is depression, although it’s important to determine if the sugar is causing the consumption of high amounts of sugar or if the consumption of just a little bit of sugar is causing the depression.  This is a very tricky symptom because it’s difficult to tell which came first. 

Another sign of a sugar allergy is headaches after you eat sugary snacks.  Headaches can be a common occurrence for some people, so you should note the frequency and duration of your headaches. 

If you believe you are allergic to sugar, then the only you can know for sure is to cut sugar out of your diet completely.  This is no easy task, but you should notice immediate relief if the sugar is the problem.  You may want to start by cutting refined sugar from your diet first and seeing if there is any improvement at all.  An allergy to refined sugar is much more common than an overall sugar allergy.  You should also see an allergist for tips on how to adjust your diet.