Normal Sugar Level

All About A Normal Sugar Level

A normal sugar level falls usually between 70 and 150.  The level is generally lower when you wake up in the morning and goes up after you consumer a snack or meal.  If your blood sugar level consistently falls above 150 then this is an indication of hyperglycemia, otherwise known as high blood sugar.  If your blood sugar level always falls below 70 then this is characteristic of low blood sugar, or hypoglycemia.

When normal sugar levels are not obtained then you can be lethargic, have impaired mental functioning, loss of consciousness and be quite irritable.  Diabetes mellitus occurs when a person has persistent hyperglycemia.  Diabetes mellitus is the most popular disease that is directly related to failure of maintaining a normal sugar level.  Nerve, kidney and eye damage can be a direct result of diabetes.

Your normal sugar level can be monitored with the use of a blood glucose test.  Testing your sugar levels are used in checking for diabetes, hypoglycemia and in monitoring the treatment in diabetes.  There are a few different methods to test for a normal sugar level.  A “fasting blood sugar” type of test will check sugar levels after you have not eaten anything for eight hours.  When testing for diabetes this is often the first test performed.  An outcome of 70 to 99 would be considered a normal sugar level for this test.

Additionally, there is a “postprandial blood sugar” named test that will test sugar levels approximately two hours after you have eaten a large snack or meal.  A normal sugar level for this test would be anywhere from 70 to 145.

There are also random tests that can be used to test to see if you have a normal sugar level.  The tests are taken at random points throughout the day looking for a wide, unexplainable variance.  Blood sugar levels anywhere from 70 to 125 are considered a normal sugar level for this sort of test.

If you do not have a normal sugar level it is not something that should be ignored as it can lead to something very serous.  Many people have ignored early warning signs and end up with legs having to be removed because of poisons found in their bloodstream were clogging any circulation in their legs.  Thousands of people die every year from diabetes.

Not having a normal sugar level means that your pancreas is failing and your body cannot produce insulin.  Instead of assuming that medicine is your only option you may want to first look at your diet.  Chromium is known to minimize a blood sugar level and has the ability to lessen sugar tolerances.  Zinc can assist with insulin and helps wounds to heal faster.  Alpha Lipoic Acid helps your body to transform sugar into energy and fish liver oil can reduce your cholesterol directly affecting the health of your heart.

A normal sugar level can directly be influenced by many factors.  Obesity is the most common reason for diabetes and it is the easiest one to control.  It is said that over 20% of Americans are obese.  If anyone in your family has had diabetes then it increases your risk.  You should make your doctor aware of this history before it becomes an issue.  Age also has an impact on a normal sugar level and it is hard to keep balanced after the age of 40.  Ethnicity plays a big role in your risk for developing diabetes along with high cholesterol.

Many people are not aware if they have a normal sugar level so if you fall into a high risk category it is something that you should discuss with your doctor in case testing for diabetes is necessary.